Welcome to the website of Mississippi Swing. It is, without doubt, one of the best, tailor made, London based Lindy Hop Band out there for Swing dancers.

With years of professional experience playing as a band for dance events and performing at dance clubs everywhere, Mississippi Swing exist only to give the Lindy hop afficianado the best night of dancing ever!  Check the bands promo, video’d live in front of a high energy, group of swinging hoofers! Ain’t that band Swingin’?

And here is the group as a three piece, just as exciting with an ENORMOUS sound for three people! Just what you need if you are working on a budget!


Don’t let us try and convince you, go to our Google Business Web page and check out a BUNDLE of five star reviews from genuine clients here

Lindy Hop Band

What makes a great Lindyhop Band? We think it’s the Holy Trinity!

1. Tempos. What is more important to a dancer than the band getting the tempo correct? Our band, Mississippi Swing are totally focussed on maintaining steady dance tempos that are totally and utterly “dance friendly”

2. Song Length. Three and a half minutes is an ideal length for most dancers. A lindy hop band shouldn’t play a dance tune for much longer than that time scale.  It is no coincidence that pop songs through the ages, from the thirties onwards, have averaged three and a half minutes or so. It is the perfect length for a dance.

3. Repertoire. Swing dancers fall into two camps. Some like the music of the twenties, some the music of the thirties and forties. Obviously the most important thing is to get the music to swing!  But just as important is the ability to play songs that people recognise and love. More information on the above is available here

Mississippi Swing

Mississippi Swing, Lindy Hop Band

Mississippi Swing, Lindy Hop Band

The group Mississippi Swing have all the above covered in spades! This is a swing band with no ego. This isn’t a band which is playing for itself. this is a band playing for YOU the dancer. Nothing is more important than your experience. So, if you want a recognisable song, played for the right length of time with the correct tempo and WITHOUT long solos..Look no further. Contact Jeff Williams, bandleader of  Mississippi Swing, and see if we are available for your next Swing Dance, Lindy Hop Event.

Lindyhop Band

Here’s what people have being saying about the band:

JiveSwing.Com Dance Company

We hired the Swamp Dogs for our swing dance festival last weekend. The energy they bought was absolutely fantastic! They are all incredibly talented and professional musicians in their own right and as a collective they sound incredible. The band really took care of their audience, interacting well, asking us which tempos we wanted and reading the dancers to pitch the next track. They had the dance floor full all evening. They are absolutely perfect for any event and have a huge repertoire of great music. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys! 🙂

Swing Patrol Dance Company

We loved dancing to the band on Sunday, it was such a great night! We can’t wait to have them back again.
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